Friday, July 2, 2010

Tilt-N-Raise Additions

The Tilt-N-Raise project has expanded a bit with the addition of a new antenna mount model and an addition to all existing models.

Portable Antenna Mount Update

The Tilt-N-Raise(tm) now has an additional model for those who may not require radials for their installation. The no radials pictured below is like the other 1.25" and 2.00: trailer mounts with the exception being the absence of the radial plate at the bottom of the support tube.

The Tilt-N-Raise now has an additional tube available to insert into the vertical support tube which will allow you to clamp your commercial antenna base on so that it will hold fast.

More information is available at the Tilt-N-Raise web site: portable antenna mount.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A new style of antenna mount.

Since the OARC HamCation we have had some good input about our portable antenna mount which we greatly appreciate. One request was whether the antenna mount can be made a bit smaller and more affordable. After looking everything over we have decided to go back to the drawing board to design a new version of the popular portable antenna mount. The heavy duty aluminum mount will still be available for purchase and we feel the new version of the antenna mount will be just as popular. Keep up on the news: portable antenna mount revisions.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Post OARC HamCation Notes

The weekend at the OARC HamCation was a great experience for us regarding the Tilt-N-Raise(tm) portable antenna mount. Harold, KI4CF was the lucky winner of the gift coupon we donated. The door prize was chosen at 2PM Saturday and the winner was quite happy when he came over to our table in Commercial Building #3 to see what it was that he had won.

We had good comments from many who stopped by to see our antenna mount including the price and the quality of the mount. One man commented that it looked like it was made of plastic until he picked it up. He was assured that the mount is made from 60601 and 6063 aluminum.

The sales of a lot of the software we took along helped to clear out some much needed space in the office/ham shack.

The Tilt-N-Raise(tm) portable antenna mount at the OARC HamCation page is worth peeking at so here is the link: Tilt-N-Raise(tm) portable antenna mount at OARC HamCation.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowstorm Bears Down on South

"Snowstorm Bears Down on South" was one of the headlines on Fox News this morning and we have the Orlando HamCation to attend. I went yesterday to drop off the coupon for the Tilt-N-Raise portable antenna mount that we donated as a door prize. The rain was long lived and cold and couple that with the wind at the Central Florida Fairgrounds and you can imagine that tailgating was out of the question.

I dropped off the envelope for the door prize and headed over to the swap table administration area, talk about one busy bunch of folks! They were gracious enough to not only sell me a couple of tables (inside where it should be warmer) but they also took my tailgate pass and entrance tickets in on trade! You can't beat a deal like that.

As for the HamCation itself, just the short amount of time I was there on Friday I found the crowds rather large. Hopefully Saturday there will be even more folks there that will stop by our tables over in Commercial Building 3 to see the Tilt-N-Raise portable antenna mount as well as the other stuff we have to sell. There are some great bargains there on Microsoft software (not pirated stuff either) as well as a lot of stuff we had gathering dust here in the QTH.

Friday, February 5, 2010

OARC HamCation

Only 1 more week to go and stuff is still out in the garage. Looks like a long weekend as the wife and I get everything ready for the best hamfest in the southeastern United States. We will have the Tilt-N-Raise portable antenna mount there on display in the tailgate area. Stop by and say hi!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CQ 40 Meters!

Working some stations here on 40 meter PSK. Mostly southern USA but did get 1 Italian station.


Signed up for a new account at Squidoo. This should help to drive more traffic to the Tilt-N-Raise web site located at Portable antenna mount.

Our new Squiddo account link is: Squidoo account